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McRail is an insurance and risk management brokerage company that has been in the railroad industry for over 40 years. If you’re searching for any type of insurance along with risk management services involving or surrounding rail, McRail is your answer. Whether you're a new venture or a long-time established organization, we have dedicated teams to provide proactive and reactive railroad insurance and risk management services. 

We take our time to understand your organization's unique capabilities and understand the industry's challenges like Positive Train Control (PTC), everyday contract reviews, possible OSHA regulation, limited domestic and international insurance markets and the common transportation of hazardous materials. If you own or operate a short-line railroad, or your services support the rail industry, we are here to help provide unique and tailored rail insurance and risk management solutions. 


Count on us for:

  • Educated Rail Insurance Industry Advice: We go beyond just helping organizations get rail insurance! Our team is diversified in many facets of the industry through our own experiences and those of our clients. 
  • Relationship & Responsiveness: Our personalized rail insurance and risk management services keeps you on track — both from a proactive and reactive standpoint. 
  • Creativity & Influence: We have direct relationships both domestic and international with rail and commercial insurance markets.



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That's the railroad industry. That's McRail.


With over 40 years of providing rail insurance solutions, we have made a lot of relationships in the industry. Our network of clients, friends and partners allows us to connect people who can help each other or are in need. From track to train, and the operations in between, McRail is here to help.  


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