“In today’s world, railroad insurance requirements can be challenging. The solution for Indiana Business Railroad has always been McRail, the industry leader in railroad insurance. The McRail Team consistently provides the direction and guidance coupled with excellent customer service that we need as a short line railroad.”
J. Brent Lee, Vice President of Operations, Indiana Business Railroad



“Since 1984, we have contracted with McRail for all of our railroad insurance needs. McRail provides exemplary customer service and invaluable consultation to our six short lines. Simply stated, we consider McRail to be the premier insurance provider to the short line railroad industry.”
Jeb S. Stotter, Vice President, North Shore Railroad Company & Affiliates



“We have used Bob McCarthy and McRail Insurance as our liability insurance broker for many years. We have found Bob and his team to be reliable and trustworthy advisors in railroad liability insurance matters. They advocate for us with the insurance company when needed and they work hard each year to find us the most appropriate and cost-effective liability insurance.”
R. Mark Bryant, CEO, Buckingham Branch Railroad



“Our tourist railroad had a claim our liability premium increased 300%. When our broker could not find a better quote, we turned to McRail, who connected us with a railroad liability carrier. Their quote cut the proposed premium in half and saved our season.”
– Denver Rail Heritage Society



“The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc. of Indiana has been dealing exclusively with McRail since 2007 - at least.  FWRHS operates a mix of mainline and shortline railroad excursions east from the Missouri River as far east as New Jersey…We stay with McRail because of their depth and the value of their advice, plus their leverage with insurance carriers and their underwriters.”
Wayne York, Senior Excursion Manager/ Insurance Manager, Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.



“I am very happy with the service McRail has provided. The communication is quick and complete. The choices were explained in a way I could easily understand, and the best part is that the payment terms are digestible…McRail was able to work with us in a way that all commitments can be met and coverage stays robust. I do not hesitate to recommend McRail.” 

– Mike McConville, MHRR



McRail has been working with and providing insurance for Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad, Abilene, KS for a number of years, (I can't remember how many), and has always been very helpful and served ASVRR well.”
Mary Jane Oard, Manager, Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad







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